Why Tuition?

Academic Concerns

  • Interupted and greatly affected by MCO (Movement Control Order) and pandemic lockdown
  • Lack of concentration in study (too many distractions- gadgets, tv prog, shopping & etc)
  • Lack of right attitude for study
  • Cannot find the right study method
  • Lack of motivation
  • Cannot follow and cope with studies in school
  • Lack of prior knowledge and exposure (tidak mempunyai pengetahuan sebelumnya)
  • Short Attention Spans (How long can their attention last?)
  • Intellectual Ability (Strength to understand)

What do we provide?

  • Step by step exam orientated learning (NCL Journey)
  • Interactive E-Learning to enhance interest, knowledge and skills
  • 3 in 1 New Creative Learning
  • New Creative Systematic Learning (NCSL) and New Creative Intensive Program (NCIP)
  • Provide necessary skill to improve knowledge gain (know-how and know-what to learn)

Our Programs

  • NCIP (New Creative Intensive Program)
  • NCSL (New Creative Systematic Learning)
  • NCSEL (New Creative Systematic E-Learning)

You will enjoy 2 of the programs above when you enroll with us

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