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nc 1a Free Portal
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” The BEST is not always born by Chance or Talent, but by the Frequency of Exposure to the Right Education “

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We value our students and teachers
Feedback and Happy voices
Various programs to help and suit different level of students
Careful creation by our thoughtful teachers
Combination of impact learning

“TERBAIK bukanlah selalunya dilahir secara Kebetulan, tetapi atas Kerajinan dan Pendedahan kepada pendidikan yang berkesan”

Your Child deserves the Best!

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Pusat Tuisyen Kreatif Baru

Our philosophy is learning through a systematic way to guide our kids in their study. Step by step improvement to ensure they are on the right track in building the basic foundation needed in the future. Here we offer numerous programs to help them achieve their goals. Learn More

Step by Step Learning
Building the Foundation
Mental Preparation
Effective Guidance
Various Programs

New Creative Journey

” Success doesn’t come Overnight. It happens day by day through a Journey with Forward Progress of Hard Work “

Our happy parents

My son W.Jien has improved since he first came. Thank you teachers for your time, patient and consideration


Ever since my daughter came to New Creative Tuition classes, she found her True Self and hence improvement in her studies


My son was very weak in certain subjects before the actual UPSR exam. Just within 3 months, he was able to achieve exceptional results. Great Job, Teachers!

Ms. Lekha

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See and Feel the difference in your child


It’s a boost and additional supplement to teaching in school.

We start to build from foundation of every subject until they can understand the basic syllabus in simple and easy method.

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