New Creative Program

NCIP (New Creative Intensive Program)

  • For student below passing mark
  • Emphasize on the basic of every subject
  • Step by step learning to encourage learning process
  • Periodic assessment for student progress monitoring


NCSL (New Creative Systematic Learning)

  • For student above passing mark
  • Emphasize on ways to strenghten knowledge of every subject
  • Learning “What to Learn” and “How to Learn”
  • Periodic assessment for student progress monitoring
  • For students with good results, guidance to score in exam will be given


NCSEL (New Creative Systematic E-Learning)

  • Step by step E-Learning program
  • Customized according to student’s level
  • Add on for New Creative students
  • Student account login

Our Programs

  • NCIP (New Creative Intensive Program)
  • NCSL (New Creative Systematic Learning)
  • NCSEL (New Creative Systematic E-Learning)

You will enjoy 2 of the programs above when you enroll with us

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