New Creative 3 in 1 Learning

Our learning system promotes “3 in 1 Learning” which include Academic Learning, Interactive Learning and Creative Learning. The process of learning is a life journey. The moment we know how to learn, somehow our knowlegde will increase in multiple folds. Therefore in this teaching process we will not only emphasize on “What to learn” but also “How to learn”.

Academic Learning
Traditional classroom style of learning which include the acquisition of skills and knowledge that form the core of the general curriculum in the school.

Interactive Learning
Learning in practical way, which requires students to observe, participate and manipulate the real objects, or witnessing a demonstration.

These activities include reading, labelling, demonstration, action, communication, games, quiz and etc. Interative Learning helps to motivate pupils by stimulating interest and enjoyment.

Creative Learning
E-Learning through computer, tablet or even handphone.Using technology available to help learning more effectively and efficiently.  It can be easily accessible anywhere and anytime with just a few clicks.Simple and practical makes this method a future must have system.

In fact, it became more relevant during the “Pandemic Lockdown” and MCO period. Can be said the sole and only way to study during this period.

Our Programs

  • NCIP (New Creative Intensive Program)
  • NCSL (New Creative Systematic Learning)
  • NCSEL (New Creative Systematic E-Learning)

You will enjoy 2 of the programs above when you enroll with us

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